【Official】Miyajima Seaside Hotel


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Miyajima Seaside Hotel


〒 739 0501, 967 Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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【For public coming by public transportation】
◎ We have a free shuttle bus between Miyajima Port and the hotel, so please use it.
※It operates from 8:00 to 10:00 / 15:00 to 18:00 at any time.
※No reservation is required, so please ask the driver upon arrival.

【For people arriving by car】
◎ There is a free parking lot in front of the hotel, so please take the ferry (Miyajima Matsudai Kisen / JR West Nippon Miyajima Ferry) with your car.
宮Miyajima is a sightseeing on foot, so please park your Pier parking lot free Pier parking lot Miyajima Port (island) Pier parking lot. ※In case of full car, you can use the hotel front parking lot. (Available before and after check-in.)
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Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases

  • This facility has taken measures to prevent infection based on the "Guidelines for Corresponding New Type Coronavirus in Accommodation Facilities".

    ◎Installing antiseptic solution at entrances and elevators
    ◎Install vinyl curtains at front desks, shops, etc.
    ◎ Regularly disinfect areas such as doorknobs and buttons that are touched by human hands
    ◎Always ventilate the lobby and corridor
    ◎Meals are provided as a set menu
    ◎Restriction on the number of people using the large public bath
    ◎ Thorough staff health management, hand washing, and disinfection
     ●●Request to customers●●
    ◎Please wear a mask when entering the building and cooperate with alcohol disinfection.
    ◎ Please stop traveling if you feel fever or feel unwell.

Please contact us by phone.

From 9:00 to 17:00