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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Tent sauna experience※For reservations, call 0829-44-0118

    【Tent sauna】MORZH(Morges)

    Time | 10:00 to 17:00※Reservation required.(2 hours)
    Number of people: 1 to 4
    Price | 1 person = 10,000 yen 2 people = 10,000 yen 3 people = 12,000 yen 4 people = 16,000 yen
    What to bring: Swimsuit or shorts and T-shirt (it gets wet) and drinking water
    ※If there is a vacancy on the day, we will accept the same day reservation.
    ※Please understand that it may not be available due to heavy rain or strong winds.

    Telephone reservation ⇒ Miyajima Seaside Hotel:0829-44-0118
  • Large Communal Bath(Men's and women's baths)

    【Large Communal Bath】8 faucets with showers Bathtub / whirlpool type bubble bath
    Hours of use | 6:00 to 9:00/15:00 to 23:00
    Shampoo/Hair conditioner/Body soap/Soap/Shower cap/Cleansing/Skin lotion/Cotton/Cotton swabs/Hair brush/Hair dryer/Baby crib/Baby soap
  • Banquet Hall·Restaurant

    【Main Building】
    Ryugu no Ma, 109 square meters(88 m²), With stage
    Bugaku no Ma, 72 square meters (66 m²)
    Gagaku no Ma, 72 square meters (66 m²)
    Kangen no Ma, 54 square meters (59 m²)
    Restaurant Seto, 60 seats
    Matsu no Ma, 91 square meters(70 m²), With stage
    Take no Ma, 54 square meters (55 m²)

    ※You can choose from table, table cushion, chair table type.
    Dinner time 18: 00-19: 00 (Start time)
    Breakfast time 7: 00 ~ 8: 30 (Start time)

    karaoke, 12,000 yen (Tax excluded)
    2 hours all-you-can-drink 3,000 yen(Tax excluded)
  • Front desk / lobby

    "front desk", 7: 00 ~ 22: 00
    We also have an AED available for our customers.
    ※The nightlife staff is waiting at the office between 22: 00-7: 00.

    From the lobby you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Setonaikai.
    Also, because it is a carpet bed, it is safe even if your child runs around.

    【Smoking Terrace & Hammock Terrace】
    Smoking is prohibited within the facility, so please enjoy your cigarettes.Here is only a smoking terrace. There is also a hammock. ※Except winter

    "shop", 7: 00 ~ 21: 30
    We offer a variety of souvenirs and crafts of Momiji Manju and Miyajima.
    There is also a vending machine next to the shop.
  • Other

    【Table tennis table】7: 00-22: 00
    Our guests who are staying can use it for free.

    【Karaoke room】20: 00-22: 00
    You can use it at 1200 yen per person (excluding tax).
    ※Please apply in advance. It is limited to one pair per day.

    【Bicycle rental】From 8:00 to 19:00
    You can use it for 1500 yen (tax included) per day.

    【Coin laundry】
    It can be used for washing 300 yen / time and dryer 100 yen / 15 minutes.
    Detergent is not required because detergent is automatically added during washing.