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Tent sauna

Flow of tent sauna experience

  • Why don't you enjoy the popular tent sauna! In recent years while gazing at the spectacular view of Setouchi?
    Since it is a private sauna for private use, you can relax from the bottom of your heart without worrying about the surroundings!
    You can adjust the heat to your liking in the tent sauna where you can put firewood on your own!
    Of course, you can also enjoy self-leil.
    To the best

    【Tent sauna】MORZH(Morges)
    【Location】Miyajima Seaside Hotel Terrace
    【Open Hours】10:00 to 17:00※Reservation required.(2 hours)
    【Number of users】1 to 4 people
    【Usage fee】1 person = 10,000 yen 2 people = 10,000 yen 3 people = 12,000 yen 4 people = 16,000 yen
    【What to bring】Swimsuit or shorts & T-shirt (wet) / drinking water※There is a vending machine.

    ※Advance reservations are required.Please call the hotel at 0829-44-0118 to apply.
    ※Please understand that it may not be available due to heavy rain or strong winds.
  • Reception / change of clothes

    After completing the procedure at the front desk, please change your clothes in the changing room.
    ※Luggage can be stored at the front desk.
  • Explanation

    The staff will explain how to enjoy the sauna and precautions. 
    ※The staff will set up and clean up the tent sauna, so customers just enjoy it!
  • ③ Wood stove

    Burn it to warm the inside of the tent.
    Since it is a wood stove, you can adjust the heat to your liking.
  • Leil

    We will prepare aroma water, so please leil at your favorite timing.
    The tent is filled with a happy scent.
  • In the tent sauna

    Swimsuits are worn inside the tent so both men and women can enjoy it!
  • Water shower

    There is a water shower next to the tent sauna.
  • Setonaikai instead of a water bath

    At high tide, use the sea in front of the hotel instead of a water bath!
  • Outside air bath

    You can take a bath in the open air while gazing at the spectacular view of Setouchi.
  • After all, after the sauna

    Draft beer on the terrace after the sauna (≧▽≦)(880 yen)